Mom Stuff

I’m all mushy and gushy today – my youngest celebrates another trip around the sun – leaving his childhood and teenage years behind.

I think about the year he was born. Watching the opening games of the Winter Olympics, then going into labor, and suddenly….a healthy, chubby babe in arms and his big brother at our side.

The three of us have shared adventures, challenges, laughs, struggles, and triumphs. Being given the opportunity to be their mom is by far, the best gift I could ever receive.

I continue to learn from them, grow, and constantly improve myself. I love the way we are shifting our relationship from parent-child to adult-adult. They both bring so much to the table – interesting perspectives, youthful optimism, a new way to see the world.

I knew when I was young I wanted to grow up and be a mom – but I couldn’t imagine it would be this great.

Happy Birthday kiddo. Thanks for sharing this crazy ride.


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