A Twirly Skirt

I love to host my own little dance parties for myself, in my house.

I love music, I love to dance and sing. It boosts my mood.

This morning, the regular dance party was not enough.

I needed a twirly skirt.

When I took swing dancing a few years ago and we regularly attended the Friday Night Hop, I HAD to buy some twirly skirts. There is something about dancing in a twirly skirt that takes it to another level. It feels free and joyful, watching the edges of the skirt flare and swirl around my legs.

Simple pleasures forgotten from childhood. Remember the thrill of reuniting with someone you love? An outing feeling like a grand adventure, singing at the top of our lungs, being in awe of nature. Painting a picture, writing a poem without thinking it has to be amazing. Laughing so hard we cry, eating treats because they taste good…and dancing in a twirly skirt.

We seem to trade these moments of play and pleasure for responsibility and productivity. But I say we should be more responsible about incorporating play and pleasure in our lives and riding that energy to boost our productivity.

The best part of maturity is knowing we can balance our responsible adult self and our inner child.

I am all for more fun in life. More moments of joy. Embracing our inner child and playing. And twirly skirts…definitely more twirly skirts!



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  1. I love to dance at home, alone. Now I have to find myself a twirly skirt.

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