Intentions, Goals and Other Crap

My intention was to update my blog semi regularly. I didn’t mean to step away so long.

I would like to tell you it was because I was off living my extraordinarily fabulous life. Or, I could have said I was unsure which one of my excellent ideas should hit the page (screen) first.

The truth is, I’ve been working on my laptop instead of my desktop. My desktop computer has my password saved, the laptop doesn’t. I couldn’t be bothered to boot up my main computer or try my usual passwords on the latptop. This is 50 folks.

I’ve also been spending my computer time writing novels. It is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – the goal is to write/advance/edit/complete a literary work of art. The standard goal is 50,000 words in November.

I typically loathe goals. I’m not sure why. My brain understands the value in goal setting. Sometimes I have enjoyed it, kind of. Mostly, the word “goal” makes my body tense and contort

A goal in a sport is made by hurling something at another human caught in a net. Why would I want to do this?

I do like tracking though – which is how I’ve made this work for me. I love updating my NaNo progress everyday, seeing the numbers get closer to 50,000. Tracking is my thing.

Perhaps I’ll track my time here…and post a little more often.


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