5 days to go…

It’s my cousin’s 50th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Cousin!

This was always an exciting day for me as a kid – 1. Because I could celebrate her birthday and 2. Because it meant my own birthday was right around the corner. (Plus, two days of cake and celebration in one week is a spectacular thing).

It also means Thanksgiving is just around the corner – falling on the opposite end of my birthday weekend this year. It’s my favorite holiday. I love the colours, I love the food and getting together to appreciate all the blessings in my life.

As a kid, we always hosted Thanksgiving dinner. I loved the excitement of everyone coming to our house. We’d have to clean and prep – mom made this look so effortless – then we’d get ready. I loved hearing someone drive down the gravel road, and I’d rush to the front window to see who was arriving. It was so much fun.

Everyone gathered in a giant circle in the living room, us kids scattering to play, all the women helping with final food prep, sneaking pickles off the table before dinner, a big meal, torte, the women laughing and visiting as they all pitched in to do dishes, and drinks and visiting in the living room after – I can almost smell the turkey. I can certainly see all the faces and feel all the love.

I love these little walks down memory lane. I have sometimes taken them for granted – but when I stop to think about them now – I am grateful.


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