19 days to go…

There is something really beautiful about being in a room with people who have known you and loved you all your life.

There are so many shared memories…a word or two can transport us all back to another time and place – a snapshot in the album of our lives.

Yesterday was magical like that for me with my mom, aunt & uncle, and cousins. It nourished me in a way I sometimes forget, but always cherish.

A conversation that makes no sense to others – pigs, purple smarties, impressions of the Count, the back of a station wagon, coats on a bed, birthdays, brandings, cutting through backyards, ping pong tables, torte–

The words merely act as our time machine. We laugh, we remember, we feel the love and connection that has always been present.

I am blessed to have grown up with these kinds of memories – to be linked genetically to these people, but also with the heart. It is the heart connection that’s always mattered most.

I’m basking in the nostalgia, after a lovely weekend with people I love.


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  1. What a rich experience you had growing up. Is it any wonder you are such an amazing woman‽

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