22 days to go…

I’ve got nothing today, friends. Sorry. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

No clever alliteration, no puns, no witty repartee…not even a sad little cliche. My mind is not having it.

This feels like a momentous occasion- like there should be some news flash:

Attention, this just in…a mere 22 days out from turning 50, Laura-Jeanne has run out of things to say. Here’s what friends and neighbours said:

  • Laura-Jeanne’s Aunt: “We never thought this day would come. We were sure that chatty girl would never be quiet.”
  • The CEO of TELUS: “Well, you could bowl me over. Back in the 80’s our stocks tripled because of that girl. Her phone calls were through the roof. One of the reasons we’ve lasted so long!”
  • Laura-Jeanne’s Former Teacher: “I am flabbergasted. She talked so much in class, everyone thought she was the teacher.”

“Well, you’ve heard it here first, folks. A lack of language leaves Laura-Jeanne lamentable. A legit loss, less than laughable.


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