29 days to go…

I almost played hooky today.

The sun is out and it’s hot. I love these kinds of days at the end of summer. Living in a wintry climate makes me appreciate them more than any other time of the year. Hot days in September and October, feel like a gift – something to be savoured and enjoyed fully…because we know what is coming.

I love the fall – it has a special charm. I love the changing colours. Today I noticed the yellowing leaves in beautiful contrast with the bright blue sky. Gorgeous! The hot days are balanced with cooler nights – great to play during the day, easier to sleep at night. There is a crispness to the mornings that feels welcome as I cozy my hands around my morning coffee (no pumpkin spice for this girl).

I love the idea of pulling out a light sweater again….like an old friend I haven’t seen in months. I notice my eyes landing on the warmer clothes in my closet. The summer break made them feel fresh – my wardrobe has looped the same skorts and tank tops for weeks and the other clothes look fun again. My bare feet remember the feel of the cozy socks I knitted last winter. And then there are fall boots. Oh, I really do love autumn because of fashion boots. (I could probably write a whole blog dedicated to fall boots!)

Hot days in the autumn help remind me to be present and enjoy each moment for what it is. And today…it’s a perfect day.


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