31 days to go…

Me, each decade.

I’ve decided I’m like a good wine – getting better with age.

My 2020 photo is my favorite. It was taken this summer in the mountains (my favorite place). I like that it’s a natural shot – no make-up, no fuss. Simple. Nature. Relaxed.

1970 – Eats and sleeps a lot.

1980 – Loves school, friends and reading

1990 – University days -fun with friends, going out

2000 – Mom to a little one – was there time for anything else?

2010 – Homeschool Mom who loves hanging with her kids, loves being outside, photography, friends, writing

2020 – Loves writing, reading, knitting, photography, being in the mountains, family, friends



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  1. I love them all Laura-Jeanne. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.

  2. Nice photographs. I always forget to take my camera on outings, or to have pictures of me. Today I was at the zoo with clients and forgot my camera, as usual.

    I’m glad you are more positive that way.

  3. Thanks, Sean. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you are well.

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