41 days to go…

I grew up on a farm and loved it when I was little. I enjoying being outside, roaming our hills, being near animals, riding our pony, June Bug – and later, our horses. It was glorious to have all that space and wide open prairie skies.

We were always together as a family. Even though Dad was working, he would be in for lunch (or we would take it to him on the tractor). He was always nearby.

Some of my favorite times were riding in the tractor with Dad, checking the cows with him during calving season, or going with him to change irrigation pipes – which often included a stop to see my cousins and sometimes a lunch of hot dogs and mac and cheese at their house.

I loved our family being together. I learned the value of hard work and time to play. I watched the first moments of life and witnessed the finality of death. Our life was dictated by the seasons and whim of Mother Nature.

It was an incredible way to grow up and helped shape who I am.

I may not still live on the farm, but I still have a farm girl’s heart. ❤


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