In the first conversation I ever had with my partner, he asked me, “What do you think makes a relationship work?”  I replied without any hesitation, “Willingness.”

What I love about willingness, is that it allows room for humanity and imperfection in a relationship.

Neither partner has to do everything right, they don’t have to have all the answers or know exactly how things are going to work out because the willingness is there to be understanding, to forgive, to love unconditionally.  If there is willingness, then there is an intention, the seed is planted to make things work and even after a challenging time, a relationship can organically move in a more positive and loving direction because of that willingness.

When we are happy and feel loved, willingness is easy.   We naturally do things to make the relationship better, we want to do things that are pleasing to our partner and it is effortless because we feel nurtured and loved. But what about when we feel hurt or in pain?  This is the time when willingness is most important to a couple.

In these times, we need to be willing to be accountable to ourselves and our partner.   If we are willing to learn and grow – go deeper to discover what is really going on instead of blaming our partner, if we are willing to love and be connected first with ourselves and then with our partner and be open to love,  it will come. 

If you shift from your pain and allow your willingness to guide you, even after challenging times, a relationship can be renewed. 

The intention, the desire, the willingness to love someone is an incredibly powerful factor in a relationship.  What is your level of willingness?  Have you gotten lost in feeling hurt and let down?  Have you forgotten how much you really love your partner because you have been feeling pain?   If there is even a spark of willingness in your heart, you can find your way back to the love you most want with your partner.  That is a power of willingness.


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