Gratitude for Your Partner

Today seems like a good day, no matter where you are in the world, to express your love and gratitude for your partner.

I encourage you to think about, and if possible, write a list of all the things you love most about your partner and your relationship.  Really focus on the aspects of your partner that you love the most.  Think about all the wonderful things they do and have done for you and the reasons you feel in love with them in the first place.

Feeling gratitude for your partner is a great way to feel that deep, authentic love that our hearts love to feel the most.

And when you have soaked up all that love and gratitude, I encourage you to share that with your partner.  Make a little time to let them know they are loved and appreciated.  Expect nothing in return, but give from your heart and really feel the gratitude in your heart.  Gratitude for your partner is one of the easiest ways to love them more.



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