How to Plant Our Seeds

Anytime we bring greater awareness to ourselves and our relationship, we benefit.  Planting seeds or intentions can help us channel our time and energy into the things that matter most to us.   We can better meet our needs and then we bring that to our relationship and reap the rewards from our efforts.

To begin:

1.  Write down what you really want to feel or have in your relationship.  This list may include things like:  love, respect, security, support, understanding, etc.  It is important to be clear about what we most want and what is truly important to us.

2.  Look at your list and assess where you are with those wants right now.  Are you feeling any or all of these things in your life?  Do you see any area of your life where these needs are being met?   Are you giving any of these feelings to yourself, your partner or others in your life?

3.  Spend time this week really focusing on what you most want and determine at least ONE action you could take each day to start experiencing more of that in your life.  It is important to open up your possibilities here as we can often set goals or want things that seem too big or difficult or unattainable.  It is true, you may not be able to feel the level of love you want in your relationship right now…in this exact moment.  But maybe you could be aware of ways you could be more loving.  You could expand your definition of love and see if your partner is giving you love in a different way that you haven’t recognized before.  You can start to do small things and after a while, you realize you have exactly what you want.

Note:  Keep your focus on what you want for yourself and your relationship and make sure you determine courses of action that only require you to fulfill.  It is important that you find the ways to meet your needs on your own and without anything external changing.



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  1. Wow L.J.
    It seems like you are sending these reminders specifically for me. This is exactly what I was writing about again this morning. I must look at myself and figure out how I can fill my own tank up with love. I see that no matter how much I love I already have if I don’t feel it myself it seems like it’s never enough.
    Thank you for putting into words what I’m thinking!!

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