Example of Being More Love Able

I used to think I was very Love Able.  I definitely wanted to be.  But when I looked back at my relationships I saw a common thread that showed my Ability to Love was definitely lacking.

I had always chosen people who were unable to commit.  At first glance, that appears to be about them, but when I really looked at it, I realized that I wasn’t really able to commit either. 

I was partially closed off.  I was scared to really open up, be myself and allow someone to know me and love me fully. I was scared others wouldn’t accept me or love me, so I kept people at a distance and chose people who would keep me at a distance.  I thought it would keep me safe. 

But what I was really doing was keeping myself away from the love I wanted. 

Early on in my current relationship, I became aware of my pattern.  I took a step back and evaluated the situation.  I realized I wanted to be in the relationship more than I wanted to be scared.  I shared my awareness with my partner. I made a conscious effort to really be open and loving and accept his love and openness too.  Slowly I have been able to stretch my comfort zone a little bit at a time.

All of this helped me become more Love Able and I continue to assess my love ability, be aware of it and take action when necessary.  (See Tuesday’s Exercise). 

Increasing my ability to love has allowed me to feel and receive more love, which is exactly what I wanted!  I’ve become Love Able!!!


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